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On behalf of the staff at Animal Medical Clinic of Orlando, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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First Name   Tracy
Last Name   Williams
Email Address  
Memories :    Jack "Lil Fat Daddy" Date of passing: way too soon Breed: Pomeranian Oh my, where to begin! I was fortunate to acquire Jack when he was one and a half. I had never owned such a small dog before and at 3.5 pounds I wasn't sure how it was going to go. So I brought him home for a week "Trial run." Well, needless to say the week turned into forever. That boy, pranced and charmed his way into every crevice of my h eart. He was a great companion. I was fortunate to be able to bring him to work quite often and he always was right beside me when I would travel to visit family in various states. Whenever he met people he would prance around and stay just outside of their reach. People would say he doesn't like anyone but you. I would laugh and say "oh no, that's Just Jack! He does like people but he thinks he is special and he wants you to beg him for a chance to pet him. What a hoot that little pretentious Dandy was! As the years rolled on he got a little portly weighing in at 5.7 pounds. He loved food and none better than Greenies. Good Lord! When he had one, I swear he turned into Gollam protecting "his Preciousss." I had to watch him like a hawk so he didn't choke on them. At one point, I swore them off as he seemed to be unable to control his greediness and swallowed one and I had to manually get it out of his throat. Scared me to death! (Dang dog!) When he was 6 years old, my mother was terminally ill and I made the hard decision to board him for the first time and not take him with me. Jack was boarded in a good place for 3 and a half weeks. When I picked him up, he was not as excited to see me as I thought he would be. But I chalked it up to "oh, thats just Jack. He is making me work for his affection." On the second day home, I knew something was wrong. His abdomen was tense and he seemed painful. I took him to the vet and we did everything medically possible but he was suffering from acute pancreatitis. They believe brought on by stress. Most dogs recover but with Jacks small size and not catching it at its first onset was too much and a few days later my Just Jack aka "My Lil Fat Daddy" passed away in my arms. It was such a loss for me and my children but after watching my mom and their grandmother pass away, we all agreed we didn't want Jack to linger on for any more days. He didn't deserve to suffer. He brought us such joy and laughter. We will own other dogs but there will never be another like Jack. We will forever miss our "Lil Fat Daddy

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